Infiniband – HP ConnectX Card Firmware upgrade from ESXI

Today I spent a couple hours trying to figure out why my 3rd host won’t connect to the Cisco SFS700D 20GB infiniband switch. vCenter was reporting the connection as down:

I am using the HP Connect X cards (Part Number:448397-B21) in all my host machines. My other two hosts connected without any issues. So this seems to be specific to this card. Possibly a firmware issue? In order to check firmware versions I needed to install Mellanox Firmware Tool (MFT) on the Host(s) found here.

Installing MFT on ESXI Host and check Firmware versions:

  1. Uploaded both vib files to ESXI01 and ESXI03 and put them in the tmp directory using WinSCP
  2. Installed both vibs by running (will require a reboot):
  3. Checked firmware version of HP ConnectX card in ESXI03:

  4. Compared to ESXI01’s HP ConnectX card:

Updating Firmware Version with MFT:

  1. cd to the following directory before running the below commands:
  2. Then needed to find out the PSID by running:

    Downloaded the HP OEM firmware 2.6 from here.
  3. Copied firmware to /tmp/fw-25408-2_6_000-448397-B21.bin on ESXI03
  4. Before applying the firmware needed the PCI Device Name (/dev/mt25418_pci_cr0). Running the ./mlxfwmanager –query command provided this last bit of information. 
  5. Apply the firmware: (./flint -d [device name] -i [firmware location] burn)

  6. Reboot and VOILA!!! Confirmed firmware applied by running the ./mlxfwmanager –query and jump into vCenter to see 20000 Full.

Hope this helps other Infiniband users!

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