How to fix “Failed to Deploy Edge Appliance” in vRA

When attempting to deploy On-Demand NAT / LB within vRA. I came across this lovely error message:

After scratching my head and reviewing the DEM logs nothing was jumping out at me. The error message seemed generic enough, so I googled “failed to deploy edge appliance vra”. Sure enough, the first hit I get is a VMware KB article and it mentions the following:

” When trying to create a multimachine blueprint in VMware vRealize Automation (formerly known as VMware vCloud Automation Center) with NSX 6.0.1 using a single datastore cluster, the Edge deployment fails. “

Note: I didn’t see a similar error message in the DEM logs as described in the article.

In our environment, we are running vRA 7.3 and NSX 6.3.3 so I began to check the Reservations and noticed the storage was indeed pointing to a single datastore cluster as shown below:

After selecting the individual datastores within the cluster I was able to successfully deploy an On-Demand NSX blueprint within vRA!  😉

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