NSX-T – How to Attach KVM VM to Logical Switch


Having recently deployed NSX-T in our environment, I can say the deployment and configuration were straightforward using the installation docs. When it came time to attach a VM hosted on the KVM host it was a bit unclear how to accomplish this. VMware’s documentation mentions the following command virsh dumpxml <your vm> | grep interfaceid .

As you can see from the screenshot above I have no interfaceid, what gives??? Admittedly, when it comes to KVM and Openvswitch I’m a bit of a novice. The purpose of this post is to provide additional details around VM configuration on a KVM host for those in a similar situation.

After reviewing VMware’s documentation I decided to jump into VMware’s NSX-T Hands-on-labs to see how the VMs on the KVM hosts were configured:

Reconfigure web-05 Virtual Machine

  1. Excellent, now the first thing to do is to dump the XML configuration of web-05 to file with the following command:  virsh dumpxml web-05 > web-05.xml . After editing the XML to match that of VMware’s hands-on-labs we can proceed with shutting down web-05.
  2. Shutdown web-05  using:  virsh shutdown web-05
  3. Create a domain from the XML file with:  virsh create web-05.xml
  4. Confirm interfaceid with:  virsh dumpxml web-05 | grep "interface type" --after-context=10  Awesome we now have an interfaceid 😉
  5. Proceed with creating a new logical port with the interfaceid:
  6. Below demonstrates successful communication from web-04 ( to web-05 (

Transport Node & OVS-VSCTL Show

Make sure the KVM host is part of the Transport Node as we will be using the “nsx-manged” bridge. If the host is not part of the Transport Node, ovs-vsctl show you will not see NSX-T bridges:

Thanks for viewing! If you found this post helpful share it with the community. 😄

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