A Practical Look At VMC & AWS Networking

I’ve recently received questions around VMC on AWS from customers and colleagues, specifically around how VMC workloads communicate with AWS workloads for both the connected and non-connected VPCs. So I decided to put together a video that provides a practical look at establishing connectivity. The video can be found below and covers the following:

  • Overview of my AWS environment
  • AWS Demo: How communication between multiple VPCs and EC2 instance using Transit Gateway (TGW)
  • Overview of VMC environment
  • VMC Demo 1: How VMC workloads communicate to connected VPC workloads
  • VMC Demo 2: How VMC workloads communicate with non-connected VPC workloads
  • Lastly talk about a particular use case a customer wanted to validate

I hope the information provided is helpful and as always feedback welcomed!

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